Mobile and Virtual Gap Closure Program

We partner with payers to help them with risk adjustment and quality improvement.

We are a population health technology company focused on mobile access to care and point-of-care gap closure encounters for risk and quality improvement. We specialize in chronic conditions that impact quality measures and RAF scores.

Our Suite of Products

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Mobile Medical Teams

We can dispatch a team of medical professionals to the location of your choice.

Mobile Medical Clinics

We can bring special medical equipment to customized screenings.

Telehealth & Virtual Care

Follow up appointments with a doctor can be done via secure telehealth portal.

Digital Health Platform

Patients can access everything they need in our free app.

Patient Support

Our services include access to a 24/7 call center (multiple languages available).

How It Works

Our custom action plans will close gaps across multiple conditions. Our mobile medical team can perform screenings (such as AWVs) onsite, at the patient’s home, or by using an existing footprint of provider offices.

Key Benefits

Quality Care anywhere

We are mobile. We can go to the home, doctor's office, center of excellence, skilled facility, etc.

Decreased hospitalizations

Our program helps keep your patients out of the hospital.

Improved RAF scores

Increased top-line revenue with higher HCC and Quality Measure capture.

increased member satisfaction

Better care = better health and happier patients.

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