Direct Primary Care

More Control.
Better Healthcare.
Lower Cost.

By purchasing Direct Primary Care through Transcend Health, employers are able to save an average of 25-30% on bottom-line health expenses while providing their employees with greater access to concierge care.

What We Do

A New Way of Doing Things

Current Healthcare Model

Bloated with middlemen, convoluted and complex, the current healthcare model is frustrating, limiting and expensive.

Transcend Health DPC

Primary Care, simplified. The Transcend model cuts out the middlemen, bypasses the restrictions of insurance, allowing for a return to the doctor-patient relationship.

What is Direct Primary Care?

How It Works

Why Your Employees Love Us

Unlimited access to quality care with no copays ever.

24/7 Access to Your Medical Team

Reach out by phone, text or email, anytime. Response is guaranteed within 10 minutes.

Same-Day Appointments

Next day and same day appointments are available. Virtually zero wait time.

Focus On Preventive Care

Unlimited visits means issues are addressed before they become serious problems.

No Copays Ever

Get unlimited visits to your doctor, never pay out of pocket.

Complete Employer Solutions

Why You'll Love Us

Transcend Health provides members with access to personalized medical services at a discounted monthly or annual fee. This cost remains the same, regardless of age or preexisting health conditions and saves an average of 25-30% on bottom line health expenses for employers.

Under Transcend’s care, clients have access to extended visits with a board certified physician 24 hours a day, advanced technology and screenings, and  unlimited urgent care.

Transcend negotiates the lowest rate possible on ancillary services such as labs, imaging, and diagnostic testing. Instead of paying $4,000 for an MRI, your firm pays $400. Cholesterol checks are $4 instead of $125. We offer mobile imaging that can be sent to your office or an employees’ home at a fraction of the cost of an emergency room visit.

The care that is not accommodated in-house, such as surgical procedures or cancer treatment, will be referred to within a network of skilled specialists and covered under catastrophic insurance coverage.

Employees are offered access to their primary care physician 24 hours a day by phone or e-mail, as well as unlimited visits, and all medically necessary treatments with no hidden charges.

Healthy Employees

Better access to care means less time spent away from the office for medical issues.

Preventive Care

Unlimited visits means issues are addressed before they become serious problems.

Better Health Outcomes

Reestablishing the doctor-patient relationship means improved health and wellness overall.

Lower Costs

Access to cost-effective, quality care decreases overall healthcare costs for employers and employees alike.

The Future of Collaborative Healthcare

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We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our revolutionary approach to healthcare.

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