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First Responder
Health & Wellness

Firefighters have some of the highest rates of injury and illness out of all occupations. We want to do something about it.

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A New Solution

It starts with a smartwatch.

Wearable technology continuously monitors vital signs while on duty.

Connected to a digital health platform...

Through the watch, you are connected to digital health platform that encompasses health, physical fitness, training, and wellness.

Created just for firefighters.

Firefighters have unique needs in terms of occupational health. Our platform is specifically designed for those specific needs.


We want to handle all the health and wellness needs of your department.

NFPA 1582

Our mobile medical team can be dispatched to your station to conduct the annual fit-for-duty physical for everyone on your team.

Activity Tracker

Smartwatch sensors keep track of your vitals as you move throughout your shift.

Custom Fitness Programs

We can implement custom fitness programs based on the protocols of the Wellness-Fitness Initiative.

Sleep Tracker

We want to monitor sleep disturbances during overnight shifts to assess the effects on overall health.


User Engagement

Cutting-edge wearable technology encourages user adoption and participation in new health and wellness initiatives.

Better Health Outcomes

Improved physical fitness levels account for better cardiovascular health, decreases in obesity, improved mental health, etc.

Reduced Costs

Including costs related to workers compensation, occupational illness and injuries, health insurance premiums, etc.


The data we collect can be aggregated and anonymized to use as justification for more department funding, resources, staffing, etc.

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